TransComfort for PESA Bydgoszcz and RegioJet

Traffic safety and convenience
TransComfort dla PESY i RegioJet

TransComfort has designed rubber-metal suspension components for vehicles being a part of  PESA Bydgoszcz. Those will join Czech carrier RegioJet and connect region of Usti in December 2021. As few on the Polish market, we have designed and offered components that fully comply with the flammability standard EN 45545-2 at HL2 level.


PESA Bydgoszcz has signed an agreement with Czech private carrier RegioJet for the supply of seven two-section EZT vehicles. These will be the first dual-system vehicles produced by PESA to open a new platform, aimed at international markets. is to operate regional connections in the Czech Republic in the Usti region starting from December 2021.


The is based on the Elf2 platform. is going to be recognized in green due to Usti region restrictions, which indicated green as their overall transportation system color. will be the first two-section units that type prepared by the manufacturer to run on AC 25 kV 50Hz and DC 3kV ac networks.


TransComfort has designed and will provide rubber-metal suspension components for vehicles that fully comply with EN 45545-2 at HL2 level. This standard requires a number of parameters during exposure to fire such as heat dissipation rate (MARHE), smoke emission and toxicity. The vehicle all rubber-metal components of the suspension together with pneumatic systems will meet this standard.


Until now, meeting the conditions of EN 45545-2 for metal-rubber suspension components has been problematic, as any additives to the rubber compound to provide increased fire resistance resulted in deterioration of the physical parameters and service life of the component. It was not possible to adapt any existing solutions to meet this standard, which is why TransComfort has decided to completely redesign these rubber-metal components. Furthermore, we are to deliver compact bearings along with complete stabilizers for wheelsets, being a part of project.


Transcomfort offers not only standard products and systems, but also designs and adapts the solutions to the customer's requirements or expectations. Currently, without compliance with EN 45545-2, it is not possible to obtain approval of a rail vehicle and to put it into service.