TransComfort at the INFRASZYN conference

Traffic safety and convenience
TransComfort na konferencji INFRASZYN

On June 9-11, 2021, the 13th Scientific and Technical Training Conference "Design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in the rail transport INFRASZYN" was held in Zakopane. TransComfort, BU of M&MR Trading Polska, was one of the Main Sponsors of the event.


During the conference, we had the pleasure to give a lecture on the innovative SMCV system by Marini Impianti Industriali. It is a device responsible for measuring vertical loads of rolling stock in motion. Literally speaking, it is a dynamic railway scale, which in its application far exceeds the popular solutions of dynamic scales used in Poland. The SMCV system guarantees high measurement accuracy for the rolling stock in motion, while analyzing the distribution of the load and alerting about any deviations from the standard. An additional functionality of the system is also wheel diagnostics in terms of geometry assessment (the so-called "flat places").


Representatives of TransComfort, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., presented the functionality of the SMCV device, its architecture and implementation based on the experience of the Italian and Slovenian railways. They also pointed to the trend that exists in these countries in the supervision of freight trains. Devices dedicated to dynamic weighing and assessment of load distribution are a benefit for entrepreneurs from the railway sector. The SMCV system is used for commercial settlements, and thanks to its certified accuracy, it guarantees the correctness of the measurements taken. The implementation of the system is also a benefit for infrastructure managers accepting carriers whose trains are not always properly prepared for the transport of loads. Excessive and inadequately distributed load has a negative effect on the condition of the railroad (rails, sleepers) and is also a high safety risk.


This year's INFRASZYN conference was special for us – on the one hand, because 2021 was declared the European Year of Railways, and on the other, it was the first opportunity for a real industry meeting since the outbreak of the pandemic (naturally, while maintaining the sanitary regime). Participation in INFRASZYN 2021 was for TransComfort, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., an opportunity to present itself in a new area of the infrastructure market and the opportunity to invite you to discuss the implementation of the SMCV system in the Polish railway infrastructure.


Thank you for the interesting event and fruitful talks!