TC as one of the Contractors of the track on Grochowska st./Warsaw

Traffic safety and convenience
TC jednym z Wykonawców torowiska na ul. Grochowskiej w Warszawie

TransComfort, Business Unit M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., completed the construction and modernization of the tram track section at Grochowska street in Warsaw. In addition to the delivery and implementation of 2,000 m of track, we also delivered elements for the 650 m track section pavement construction, which Tramwaje Warszawskie [Warsaw Trams] were responsible for.

TransComfort, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., as the Contractor of 2.000 m of track on Grochowska street was responsible for the assembly of the complete system on the basic foundation (made of crushed aggregate); setting the track geometry, concreting the system, disassembly and cleaning up of temporary devices and technological elements used for assembly, as well as assembly acceptance. We completed the construction, with the participation of subcontractors, in a record time of just over a month in September 2019. As part of this initiative, we also delivered and implemented the RCS track insulation system with fastenings enabling adjustment.

In spring this year, Tramwaje Warszawskie [Warsaw Trams] started the implementation of greening with sedum with a tracks drainage and storage system at Grochowska street on the section from Zieleniecka street to the Wiatraczna roundabout. A green track with sedum, instead of grass, has a number of advantages – It absorbs smog, does not waste away during drought and draws moisture from the air, therefore it does not require constant care and watering. Moreover, it contributes to the noise and vibration isolation of passing trams. TransComfort has prepared the structure of the track, i.e. the surface that allows the implementation of its upper part in form of humus with sedum.

On the photos below you can find the track before and after implementation of the sedum work. For details, please contact Mariusz Zaremba, Deputy Sales Director, Railway Vehicles OE Infrastructure -, +48 697 013 797.