Reconstruction of Arkonska street in Szczecin

Traffic safety and convenience
Przebudowa ul. Arkońskiej w Szczecinie

TransComfort, Business Unit of M&MR Trading Polska, is carrying out another investment in Szczecin – the project "Reconstruction of Niemierzynska, Arkonska and Spacerowa streets to Wojska Polskiego avenue, stage III, reconstruction of Arkonska street (from the tram loop "Las Arkonski" to Wojska Polskiego avenue).

The general contractor of the project in Szczecin is the company EUROVIA, the track range is performed by STANLED from Stargard. TransComfort provides the RCS vibroinsulation system for 4150 mtp, as well as for turnouts, switches and crossings. In addition, the structure of a slab track with full vibroinsulation and system anchor nodes is carried out on the assembly construction provided by Transcomfort. TransComfort, as always, preceded the installation with two-day training directly at the construction site.

We encourage you to see our photo material from the Arkonska street.