Novelties in our product portfolio

Traffic safety and convenience
NowoĊ›ci w portfolio produktowym TC

TransComfort, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., develops its offer and adapts to customers who, especially now, are looking for safe, timely and just-in-time solutions. That is why the TC portfolio includes i.a. axle box for freight wagons with reduced weight and rail vehicles air cleaning systems from bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19).


The BA386 axle box for freight wagons with a reduced weight and possible load of up to 25 tons is a revolutionary product – the weight of the finished product has been reduced to 65 kg which translates into a significant reduction in rail wear. The slim design and lower weight contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 10%. The axle box is completely customizable for the branding and color required. Due to the technical, economic and environmental benefits, the axle box will replace the previously offered BA182 axle box.


TransComfort, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., also responds to the current market needs that result from the pandemic and offers air purification systems in rail vehicles that effectively eliminate (almost 100%) the possibility of the spread of viruses, microbes and bacteria. They use HEPA filters, RPCO technology and UV-C radiation not only for air purification, but also for disinfecting surfaces thanks to the automatic process of ozonation of harmful factors – viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, allergens, animal hair, dust, mold, paint pigments and even radioactive particles. The system works during the journey as well as when the vehicle is parked. Thanks to this, passengers can move around in the disinfected vehicle and breathe clean air.


Another novelty is the commencement of cooperation with the Italian company Marini Impianti Industriali. The manufacturer offers solutions in the field of telecommunications, measuring devices and diagnostic systems – for the railroad and overhead contact line. His portfolio includes, among others secure data transmission system (TDS) based on a fiber-optic medium, which ensures the SIL-4 safety integrity level, system for measuring vertical loads (SMCV), sensors of the rail connector (CGM), sensors for measuring rail temperature (MTR), digital interfaces for diagnostics of a trackside railway traffic control devices, a diagnostic system (DIAG-TE) and a continuity control panel (QCC) ensuring the safety of maintenance works in tunnels in the field of 3kV DC or 2x25kV AC networks. Data from diagnostic equipment can be collected in a Centralized Diagnostic System (SDC) – software entirely designed and developed by Marini Impianti Industriali. The system monitors the most important electrical parameters of devices on an ongoing basis, thanks to which their condition can be diagnosed using appropriate algorithms. The above solutions have already been tested and approved in Italy and Slovenia (SMCV system). Currently, preparatory certification works of Marini systems for the Polish market have begun – their widespread use will definitely increase the safety of rail cargo and passenger transport as well as facilitate the process of diagnostics and maintenance of railway infrastructure elements.


In addition, in recent months TransComfort, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., has introduced traction motors with reduced energy consumption for trams, wheel sets with noise suppression systems, profiles for the rail foot equipped with piezoelectric fibers or a system that allows cyclists to move along the built-up track (VeloGleis). Together with the manufacturers, it has also designed rubber-metal suspension elements for rail vehicles that fully comply with the stricter non-flammability requirements according to EN 45545.


TransComfort, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., assumes that by following new technologies and searching for innovations it can achieve the goals of the idea of sustainable development, and also ranks among the industry leaders. At the moment, it is additionally working on a full range of shock absorbers, complete wheelsets with a gears, weight-reduced ventilation ducts or repair kits for tram wheels.