Traffic safety and

TransComfort is a commercial company specialising in the distribution of technical products for rail, automotive and construction industries throughout Poland. Thanks to our long-standing market experience, we provide comprehensive solutions for safety and comfort.


Novelties in our product portfolio
Revolutionary systems
Nowości w portfolio produktowym TC
TransComfort, BU M&MR Trading Polska Sp. z o.o., develops its offer and adapts to cust...

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Happy Easter!
We wish you all health, hope and peace!
Wesołych, zdrowych i radosnych Świąt Wielkiej Nocy!
Dear Sirs,   on the occasion of the upcoming Easter we wish you all the best - pe...

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[TTM] Maintenance-free monitoring of conveyors
A new pandemic challenge
[TTM] Bezobsługowe monitorowanie taśm
Interview with Marek Rochlitzki, President of M&MR Trading Polska Sp.z o.o., published...

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