Traffic safety and

TransComfort is a commercial company specialising in the distribution of technical products for rail, automotive and construction industries throughout Poland. Thanks to our long-standing market experience, we provide comprehensive solutions for safety and comfort.


TransComfort as the sponsor of IGKM’s Track Commission
Szczecin, 8-9.06.2017
TransComfort sponsorem tegorocznej Komisji Torowej IGKM
On the 8th of June took place the Track Commission of the Polish Chamber of Urban Transpor...

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Flexible insulation system for industrial applications
Conti® Thermo-Protect from Continental ContiTech
System elastycznej izolacji do zastosowań w przemyśle
TransComfort has introduced to its offer the innovative Conti® Thermo-Protect insulati...

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Innovative conveyor belt monitoring system
CBGuard Life Extender in TransComforts offer
Innowacyjny system monitorowania taśm przenośnikowych
TransComfort branches out into innovative conveyor belt monitoring system – CBGuard ...

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